A place in the woods

Some days
when all it takes to make you cry
is a heap of dirty laundry and an empty bottle of laundry soap,
and you can’t stop viewing the future
through the lens of your self pity,
then the best that you can do
is find a place to sit where nature holds your wild heart
in her tender hands
and kisses it where it’s broken.

3 responses to “A place in the woods”

  1. Paula's Paradise

    Amen! (So true and so beautiful.) xox

  2. Susan

    where’s the “Like” button? I didn’t walk last night because it was stormy, and I couldn’t sleep.

  3. Nancy Rue

    HI, Heather. I’m your sister-in-law Susan’s friend, and man did I need this today. My wild heart needed kissing! Blessings, Nancy Rue

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