7 responses to “Return to your Wild Heart”

  1. Julie Daley (@juliedaley)

    Gorgeous, Heather!

  2. thelighttraveler

    Thank you so much for this, Heather! Your post came just at the right time for me. Have some fears and “practical reasons” that are dragging me down from following my dreams. I especially love this part:

    “You also have permission to be afraid.
    And to wait for the right time.
    And to sit quietly while you build up your courage.
    You don’t need to do this all alone.
    And you don’t need to do it all at once.”

    Here’s to the wildness – and celebrating that wildness – in women!

  3. Susan johnson

    I love this! I have a longing t reconnect with my wildness, that sometimes seems so buried inside that I can’t name it anymore. Thanks!

  4. riabaeck2

    It is so important to understand that we don’t have to fit into a masculine oriented world or society, and that it is only us – we, ourselves – that can give ourselves permission to be like we truly are! and even more than that: that these values that we speak of here, are the ones that we have to bring to the table of society. But first find the courage in a circle of women, until the new found power inside doesn’t get hurt any more and then we can stand for what we know is valuable and true.

  5. Paula

    I love this too! Thank you, thank you.

  6. Jacki

    Thank you so much Heather.

  7. Heather Plett

    Thank you all for your kind comments! May you all find your way back to your wild feminine hearts.

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