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  1. ev

    Some excellent ideas here.

  2. Sadelle Wiltshire

    This is a rich blog post… I’m going to have to spend more time rereading it tonight! Heather, have you ever heard of the concept of a “Death Cafe”? My partner and I attended one of these events in a nearby town a couple of years ago, it was hosted by the local hospice organization. We were gathered around small tables, maybe 8 folks per table, with a few prompts on each table to consider and share about regarding death and dying. And most folks at each table were strangers to each other, but so many incredibly deep and touching conversations were seeded that evening, and lots of good tender listening practice. You can look up http://deathcafe.com for information about the concept, if they are not being conducted in your area, you might consider hosting one…

  3. Amy Lenzo

    Beautiful post, Heather! You bring the key elements of creating a container home to us in a down-to-earth and effective way. Well done.

    1. Jeff Rock

      This is a beautiful post, and why am I not surprised to bump into you here Amy Lenzo? Blessings, Jeff

  4. Pace Smith

    Great post, Heather! I’ll add a link to this in the show notes for the podcast we recorded with you.

  5. Jude Rathburn

    Heather – One of the things I like the most about this piece, is that all of the suggestions you give are things that I, as host or facilitator, can influence by the intentional choices I make. I can not control what others say or do once the conversation begins, as you discovered in your community conversation about race relations. Yet, what I am responsible for as host or facilitator, is creating the conditions (container) in which the possibility for deeper conversation exists. For me, this means letting go of my attachment to a particular outcome, and being open to embracing whatever outcome shows up. And then being willing to continue the work, one conversation at a time. Thanks for sharing the lessons you are learning through your use of circle in a variety of settings. Your thoughtfulness and vulnerability have helped me be more willing to trust the container that is created when careful attention is paid to the principles and practices of The Circle Way.

  6. Angela Mulgrew

    Interesting and helpful article.
    Angie Mulgrew (Caboolture,Queensland, Australia)
    *former resident of Winnipeg

  7. Ichrak Dahou

    Hi Heather, this is the 2nd piece by you that I’ve read, and I’m touched by your gentle, careful, seasoned approach to addressing sensitive topics. On the point of vulnerability, it happens so often that we mirror our environments, so that a person can prepare to facilitate a tender conversation by having found, acknowledged, and honored that welcoming container inside themselves first. So, the communication that the space is safe, is tacit as well as demonstrated. Thanks for your substantial, sensitive thinking! Take good care.


  8. Robert Couchman, III

    My niece directed me to your piece on “holding space” because I had sent her Brene Brown’s interview http://onbeing.org/program/brene-brown-on-vulnerability/4928 on vulnerability in which I was taken by the concept of holding space. Now I have found your cogent and tender piece on “containers” for crucial conversations (echos of a long lost article about “crucibles” ) which moved me forward. Thank you so much for thinking these thoughts and sharing them in such an elegant form.

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  10. Katie Pabon

    I am Robert Couchman’s niece. Thankfully my Uncle has now directed me this this article. I also thank you for this beautiful article. It will give me the soul food I need tonight to continue moving forward tomorrow. I have heard the term “generous listening”. I try to cultivate this in myself. The way you broke down some different qualities of listening helps me to further digest this art form. Much Grattitude.

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