4 responses to “When is helping the wrong thing to do?”

  1. Kate Strong

    Wonderful article, Heather. Something Ive come to notice about myself, as a healer, that I can even use healing (fixing) as a way to avoid discomfort for myself. I love what you said about empathic listening FIRST.

  2. Jody

    Excellent post and a good reminder for me. I especially think that #1
    Did I listen deeply FIRST and let my friend know that I am holding space for her without judgement? is very important.

    I find that society as a whole has lost the art of listening to many degrees.

    Thank you for the good reminder and self-check.

  3. Choosing Not to Help | QSchwengel

    […] Very good reminder from Heath Plett. http://heatherplett.com/2015/04/when-is-helping-the-wrong-thing-to-do/  […]

  4. Farrokh namazi

    Thank you for this very insightful article. I have found myself in these situations where while trying to “help” I end up up creating the very imbalance and lack of self worth in the “helped” person, you are talking about. In helping, have to mindful of so many things, particularly in a marriage situation, where each couple has its own dynamics, and means of coping or interaction, which might be so different to ours. Your best advice, to listen, is the best thing to do, probably the only one needed to be done.

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