3 responses to “A story about fruity tea and generational shame”

  1. Cile

    Thank you for this, Heather. I was just thinking about this yesterday when I was trying to uncover a blog post that wanted to stay hid. I took on a lot of my families “stuff” in an attempt to spare my sons having to deal with so many issues they would inherit. I suspected in the 70’s that this was how it worked. I did as much as I could with what I inherited, as well as abandonment and sexual abuse as a child (which also ran through the females of the clan)and I think the boys are living pretty balanced lives as adults. They have some of the issues to work through from the mix of their father and myself and I have no doubt, if faced with any trouble, they are able to work it out…because they are like me enough to call up that skill set. Certainly in my case, any and all of the work began with a spiritual emergency (what was once referred to as a nervous breakdown). A highly personal usually traumatizing event. I don’t think dancing and art making hurt but what is really valuable is people connecting with others who are similarly wounded to develop a witnessing of their story, a validation and new trusting abilities. It is necessary to build new ways to be in the world as the new person they are consciously choosing to be.

  2. Kate

    Great article, Heather. The Shadow King is a great book. For me I think family constellations work shows the generational patterns best, whats not owned and acknowledged in one generation is passed down until it is owned. Epigenetics explains it too. Sometimes I feel quite sad at how we are made up of this melting pot from everyone else’s unhealed baggage lol

  3. Stephanie

    Thank you for writing this informative article on shame and generational patterns, Heather. I liked it because I have been on a path to identify,understand, and release the unhealed inherited, generational emotional DNA patterns for myself and others for over 26 years as a Massage Therapist, Homeopath, and Emotional Stress Release Practitioner. I, too, believe that we can shift our emotional and physical DNA patterns with different healing modalities such as: Family Constellation work (as Kate mentioned above), Homeopathy, Flower and vibrational essence psychoneuroimmunological therapies, EFT tapping, NLP, NET, the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and other therapies that address the soul.

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