12 responses to “The back of the spiral: Taking some time for radical self-care”

  1. Sheri

    I’m here for you, Heather. Looking forward to rest time with you on Friday.

  2. Kathi

    It is time to take care of YOU!
    You are in my Prayers and Thoughts.

  3. Nirala

    A week??? It has taken me two years to find out who i am after exactly the same issues came into my path. Be gentle with yourself. It is time the generosity you show others begins to flow towards you. All will be well. Much love x

  4. Andrea Manning

    What a wonderful example you are setting for others. Thank you for your honesty. You are human and taking time for you.

    I highly recommend a book during this time, “Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight In Our Busy Lives” by Wayne Muller. A delicious read, reminding us that we were meant to work hard and meant to rest well.

    Blessings to you on your journey of rest and re-connection,

  5. T.O. Weller

    I just found your blog this morning and this resonates more than you can imagine.

    I too have been spinning with overwhelm after a year of upheaval. I keep thinking, “just give me a week” and “I’ll be good after I take a day” … but it never seems like enough. I try to jump back into things and I inevitably find myself exhausted again soon after.

    It’s got me wondering if I need to change my overall approach so, like you, I’m stepping back (again) this week to clear my head and create a realistic plan. I shouldn’t even be online, but I wandered in to take care of some emails that I’ve neglected and, well, here I am. :)

    I hope we can connect more in the future, when we’re both in a better place. I’m subscribing in the hopes that that will be the case. It seems the turmoil of loss, change and new horizons is something we share, as is the case for many of us at “this stage in life”.

    Happy birthday and I wish you much peace and replenishment. (I will be 51 on May 24th and I too chose the quiet route last year. It’s a great way to go.)

  6. Ria Baeck

    Sending some support from far away! Hosting self always comes first!!!With love from Belgium, Ria

  7. Yvette

    Happy Birthday, Heather! I’ve been returning to your articles about holding space lately, and then stumbled upon this. Your courage to take the time you need at the backside of the spiral is exactly the sort of thing I need to witness right now. Thank you. I hope your birthday weekend is replenishing, and fun.

    (And as a party favor for myself, I subscribed to your newsletter today. Thank you for being such a deep and meaningful resource.)

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  9. Nanci

    What a beautiful, open sharing of these deepest truths that many women are now learning….that we must care for ourselves first, despite the fear and the guilt that may surface to tell us otherwise. It’s my mantra, when I’m upset with someone else or when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It’s a mantra I learned after studying and practicing Heartmath. “First thing first” and trusting in that self-renewal and self-care and that the answers we need will come. I’ve had to let go of my need for control and issues of perfectionism, and trust this slow spiral upwards…and it sure seems very slow for me some days. I have a turtle on my altar to remind me that this is my path…slow and steady.

    I just discovered your work today and signed up for your newsletter…then I wrote you an email! lol. I’m not sure where you are in terms of your self-care etc, but I 100% support you in that.

    In the meantime I look forward to catching up on your blogs, reading the e-book I received and any future online circles you may have to offer. Blessings Heather!

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