5 responses to “What I want to tell you about having work that goes viral”

  1. Kristi Coulter

    I am in the midst of having an essay I published on Medium go viral (though in the tens of thousands, not millions–holy cow, my head spins just thinking about how weird that would feel!) and already seeing both the exciting upside and some downside. A friend shared this post with me and it was *exactly* what I needed to read today, particularly #6–I don’t want praise *or* criticism to seep too far into that space where the work happens. Thank you!

  2. susanna suchak

    Beautifully said, Heather. You hold space for each of us with each blog posting, with each conversation. Thanks for that. Now go gently for your sake…we need your voice in the world.

  3. Sarah Yip

    Heather thank you so much for this expose – I found it even more helpful than your holding space post. As a one woman blogger using Vistaprint (slightly dodgy server) I can see I need to boost my business to the next level asap. Wish you all the best with your next steps xx

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