Work with me one-on-one

I hold space for people’s growth, grief, transformation, and healing.

A client once said “The words to describe Heather and what she offers simply don’t exist. Words are based off what we already know – Heather offers insight into that which we have yet to discover.” It’s true – I don’t know exactly how to define my one-on-one work because all of the typical words seem insufficient.

I am part coach, part spiritual director, part midwife and part healer.

I listen deeply and intuitively to your story, invite you into a place of exploration, and offer gentle guidance as you plunge your own depths.

I walk alongside you as you seek to live more authentically, more courageously, and with more resilience and strength.


Our conversation may involve a guided meditation that will open you to your intuitive knowing, it may invite you to explore the inherited trauma and/or wisdom that came down through your lineage, or it may involve an exploration of what messages your body is sending you. We’ll move fluidly between your desires and your fears and we’ll create safe space for both. We’ll unpack the stories you’re carrying with you and we’ll check in about which ones might be holding you back.

With compassion and non-judgement, I will you help you see yourself more clearly. Working with me, you will learn to recognize your own giftedness and beauty. You will also learn to peer, without flinching, into your own shadow and resistance.

You are stronger and wiser than you think you are.

I have worked with diverse clients – a human rights lawyer in Zimbabwe, a psychologist in Los Angeles, a minister in Canada, a photographer in Kentucky, and a doctor in Belgium (just to name a few) – and have helped each of them step more courageously onto the path that calls them forward. Like you, each of these people is seeking a more authentic and courageous life.

I will help you be the author of your own story.


Coaching sessions with me will be deeply personal, authentic, and sometimes emotional. I’ll listen to your stories, honour your wisdom, and help you find your path. I will be kind to you, and I will also challenge you to go deeper into your truth and creativity and further in your growth than you’ve gone before.

In our sessions, we always focus on YOUR story, so each client-coach relationship is unique.

I can help you:

  • work through fear and resistance
  • cut through the noise and find your own voice
  • help you tap into your spiritual self
  • understand where your personal blindspots are
  • work through challenging relationships
  • understand your shadow (those things you’d rather keep in the dark that are probably holding you back)
  • grow your confidence and own your power
  • make better decisions
  • improve your communication skills
  • feel less lonely
  • step forward as a leader and change-maker

I am uniquely qualified, not simply because I have worked  in many forms of leadership and human resource development (as a regional director in the government and a national director in non-profit) and have lead and coached diverse teams in meaningful work, but because I have sat beside my dying mother, walked the path with a suicidal loved one, and held the hands of my overwhelmed teenage daughters. I know how to walk alongside people, letting them live in their own stories while graciously supporting their growth.

In all of my life’s journey, I have been practicing what it means to hold space for people.

My coaching work is informed by my training in The Art of Hosting, The Circle Way, and narrative coaching. All of these practices have taught me how to listen with deep attention, how to ask meaningful questions, and how to offer a container to hold complex emotions and stories.


One of my greatest gifts is the ability to see the potential in other people and to help them see it too.

During a session with me, you may be surprised to uncover a truth you didn’t know was there.

My work is trauma-informed, so although I am not a therapist (and may refer you elsewhere if a therapist is what you need), I will hold space for the trauma that may come up when we tap into your fears and old stories.

I believe deeply in the holistic nature of our lives, and have become more and more aware that simply talking about things is rarely sufficient to heal wounds, shift blocks, process grief, or build resilience. Together, we will explore what other practices you may need in your life which will support the work you do in coaching sessions. These may be body healing work, movement practices, intuitive art-journaling, mandala-making, etc.

I am deeply committed to diversity and inclusion in my work and I will do my best to adapt my one-on-one work in order to suit your unique needs and to honour your unique story. If you have a limitation due to a disability, for example, please contact me to see how we might be able to create a way of working together that puts your needs at the centre.

I can do one-time coaching if you need to work through a specific tough spot, but to get through the really juicy truths that want to emerge, long-term coaching is most effective. One hour-long session costs $110 CAD. Three sessions costs $295 CAD. Book me for six sessions plus email coaching in between, and you’ll pay $550 CAD. 

(Note: These prices have recently been changed from USD to CAD. Though they may look higher than they were, they’re actually lower, due to our declining currency.)

I do most of my coaching work via Skype or telephone, so we can work together no matter where you live in the world. I have a great deal of inter-cultural experience (it’s one of my greatest loves), and so (as long as you speak English) that doesn’t need to be a barrier to our working together.

You need to find the coach who’s right for you. I may or may not be that one. (If not, I may be able to help you find someone who is.) To start with, let’s have an exploratory conversation and you can decide after that. (No high-pressure sales tactics on my part.)

If you’d like to arrange for a half-hour exploratory conversation, use my online scheduler to book a half our “informal conversation”. Or, if you’re ready to jump in, register for coaching below and and then book a coaching session.

Coaching sessions

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