Courses, e-books, etc.

The following courses and e-books are self-study programs.

Try a creative mindfulness practice that can help you learn more about yourself, find a way through a stuck place, and find clarity and understanding. Thirty daily prompts on themes like play, trust, shadow, chaos, and balance.

An e-course meant to help women find themselves again. Through a series of inspirational lessons, creative prompts, and journal prompts, you’ll be invited on a journey that will take you inward, to your own sacred Self.

An intensive personal leadership program for women – unleashing and equipping edgewalkers, artists, changemakers, visionaries, teachers, storytellers and imaginal cells to be the leaders the world needs.

A question every day for 50 days that can be used to open meaningful conversations in workshops, invite deeper exploration in coaching sessions, and spur you on to dig deeper and deeper in your personal writing.

A simple set of practices that allows you to release the year that is ending and receive the year that is arriving. It’s an intuitive, heart-based process that guides you in the direction of your calling.

A guide that will help you navigate your way to your own true path, where you can live authentically and wholeheartedly, using your gifts to serve the world in a meaningful way.

Other online programs and membership groups.

An online space for leaders, teachers, community gatherers, artists, facilitators, hospice workers, social workers, coaches, pastors, parents – anyone who feels called to hold space for other people.

A three week online writing course that will help you explore your authentic writing voice and the stories that emerge from your own open heart. Includes an online community space.

A day spent online with an intimate circle of people who share your belief in stories and share your desire to move past the resistance, past the limitations, and into more openhearted writing.

A unique offering for all those who hold space for other people. Managers, pastors, teachers, facilitators, coaches, parents, nurses, or social workers – there is something in the program for everyone.

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