Holding Space Retreats – Canada – 2019

TWO UPCOMING RETREATS with Heather Plett – 2019 dates

at Linwood House in Roberts Creek, B.C., Canada

*SOLD OUT* September 19-22, 2019 – Holding Space for Yourself


September 25-29, 2019 – Holding Space for Others

Join me, Heather Plett, at Linwood House, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, a short walk from the beach, for a weekend (or two) of self-care, self-reflection, and personal growth. Step away from your obligations and commitments and enter a comfortable, welcoming environment where you will be well-cared for by the land and by the people. Invest in yourself, learn to better hold space for yourself and/or for others, and make new friends while you’re at it.

Whether you are a caregiver, manager, pastor, parent, friend, teacher, healthcare professional or simply an openhearted person who wants to bring more goodness into the world, you can benefit from this time spent learning the art of holding space 

Come for one retreat, or give yourself an extra special gift of 10 days
on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and stay for both! 


Together, we will work to make each retreat both a safe space for vulnerability & trust and a brave space for personal growth & hard questions.

Holding Space for Yourself – September 19-22, 2019

“Anytime we can listen to true self and give it the care it requires, we do so not only for ourselves but for the many others whose lives we touch.” – Parker Palmer, Let your Life Speak

At this retreat, we’ll learn what it means to hold space for ourselves,
so that we can grow our courage, strength, and resilience.

It is not selfish to focus on yourself.

In fact, it’s an act of generosity and commitment to make sure that you are at your best before you support others. Other people in your life will get much more effective, meaningful, and openhearted support from you if you are healthy and strong and well supported.

This retreat is about the important work of holding space for ourselves. When we hold space for ourselves, we become stronger, more creative, more courageous, and more in touch with our own intuitive, spiritual selves. We make better contributions to society and to our families, our minds think more clearly, we are able to make healthier decisions, and we develop greater resilience for when challenges show up.

Holding space for ourselves includes:

  • practicing self-forgiveness and self-compassion
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • learning to let others hold space for us
  • practicing healthy detachment from other people’s stories
  • finding creative outlets for processing our experiences and emotions

We will learn to hold space for ourselves in a three-fold way:

  • Community: gathering in circle to share stories, open our hearts, and learn from each other
  • Environment: receiving the gift of the land, the creatures, and the beautiful space of Linwood House as they hold space for us
  • Connection to self: learning personal practices that help us hold space for ourselves (journal writing, creative writing, labyrinth walking, etc.)

This retreat begins Thursday evening (Sept. 19) and ends Sunday at noon (Sept. 22). Delicious meals and comfortable accommodations at Linwood House are included in the registration. Scroll to the bottom of the page for pricing and more details.

Note: This retreat contains the content of Module 2 of the online Holding Space Coach/Facilitator Program. If, after the retreat, you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for the other modules.

Holding Space for Others – September 25-29, 2019

“We must come together in ways that respect the solitude of the soul, that avoid the unconscious violence we do when we try to save each other, that evoke our capacity to hold another life without dishonoring its mystery, never trying to coerce the other into meeting our own needs.” ― Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak 

At this retreat, we will learn new skills that will help us practice the art
of holding space for other people.

All of us have opportunity to hold space for other people, whether they are our children, students, friends, neighbours, clients, patients, coworkers, or employees. Some of us do it professionally (as facilitators, teachers, chaplains, hospice workers, medical professionals, etc.) and most of us do it voluntarily (as parents, family members, friends, volunteer workers, church members, etc.).

This retreat is for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of what it means to hold space so that they can do it more effectively for other people. No level of expertise is required – only a willingness and a level of personal growth and maturity that allows you to be a conscientious support to other people.

At this retreat, Heather will teach about the concepts she has spent years researching, teaching, and writing about (and which make up the content of the Holding Space Coach/Facilitator Program).


Our conversations will focus on such topics as:

  • The basics of holding space (ie. how to “be the bowl”)
  • How to hold space in difficult contexts, when complex emotions and conflict may be present.
  • How to recognize when you’re not the right person to hold space for someone.
  • What’s the opposite of holding space?
  • What unique skills and understanding may be required in holding space for trauma and shame?

In support of these conversations, we will explore multiple creative and spiritual practices that will help us hold space for others (ie. labyrinth-walking, creative art-making, mindfulness and body practices). Participants at the retreat will be encouraged to consider what they can contribute to our collective learning. For example, you may have a body movement practice, mindfulness practice, creative practice, or community-building practice that you could teach us. (Those who sign up will be sent an invitation in advance and time will be set aside for peer-learning.)

The Circle Way will be used as the primary container for learning and community-building at this retreat. Participants at this retreat will learn how to hold space for similar conversations using the principles and practices of The Circle Way.

This retreat begins Wednesday evening (Sept. 25) and ends Sunday at noon (Sept. 29). Delicious meals and comfortable accommodations at Linwood House are included in the registration. Scroll to the bottom of the page for pricing and more details.

Note: This retreat contains the content of Module 1 of the online Holding Space Coach/Facilitator Program. If, after the retreat, you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for the other modules.

Testimonials from past retreatants

“Heather’s program was mind expanding and life affirming for me. She holds space in a gentle, inclusive, yet contained way, making it safe to explore inner and outer realm’s.”
– Fran Heney, B.C.

“I had the pleasure of being a participant in three of Heather’s retreat weekends. Each one was uniquely different because Heather has an ability to guide the circle to suit each new group of participants, and gently encourage courageous participation of each person. I loved the opportunities for reflective thinking, some creative exploration, and listening to stories others in the circle chose to share. Because of a personal dream I have, I came with an intent to be mentored in facilitating small gatherings in ways that could set an atmosphere for people to explore their own growth journey, be part of an authentic community, and experience healing in areas of their lives. I am so grateful for so much that I learnt by being part of the retreat circles that Heather facilitated. But more importantly I was able to explore my own needs, shed some emotional baggage, grow some boldness, and build new relationships with others who value open-hearted journeying with others.”
– Alison Steward, New Zealand

The perfect location!

Linwood House is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, within walking distance of the beach and the village of Roberts Creek (accessible by public transit from Vancouver airport). Contact Gwen at Linwood House for more detailed travel information.

These retreats are purposefully being kept small and intimate – with a maximum of 12 people, for high quality connection and learning. Book early to hold your place in the circle. Most people will enjoy a single room (unless you register with a friend and request a shared room). Indicate your need (along with any dietary needs) on the registration form.

Options for massages, yoga classes, and other offerings will be available during the retreats and in between.

Hi there! I’m Heather Plett and I’ll be the host/teacher of these retreats. I’m delighted about the possibility of getting to know you. I’ve been teaching the art of holding space through my online program, Holding Space Coach/Facilitator Program, to people from all over the world (six continents have been represented!). My writing on the subject of holding space has appeared in publications such as Harvard Business Review and Grist magazine and has been quoted in multiple books as well as curriculum for nurses, hospice care workers, yoga teachers, facilitators, and military chaplains. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where I do my best to hold space for my three daughters.

Interested in both retreats?

Stay for all 10 days (Sept. 19-29) and treat yourself to a deep dive into what it means to hold space. Accommodations and breakfast will be provided for the in-between days (Sept. 23-25) and you’ll be on your own for the other meals. Find out what else is available in Roberts Creek and the surrounding area at their tourism website. There’s lots to do and see if you want to be a tourist, or you can simply enjoy the quiet time at the retreat centre and nearby beach and hiking trails. (We’ll connect you with others who will be staying during that time and you may want to share a car rental in order to tour the Sunshine Coast.)

Interested in attending both retreats AND completing the rest of the program online?

When you register for the two retreats, you’ll also have the option of adding on Modules 3, 4, and 5 of the Holding Space Coach/Facilitator Program. After the retreats are complete, you’ll join the online group and start Module 3 in early October and end Module 5 in mid-December.

Retreat costs

Save 10% by booking early. Earlybird pricing ends July 15, 2019


All prices include 5% GST

*SOLD OUT* Retreat #1 – Holding Space for Yourself – Sept. 19-22

Earlybird – $895 CAD (approx. $668 USD)

Regular – $985 CAD (approx. $735 USD)

(includes 3 nights accommodation and meals – from Thursday evening to Sunday morning)


Retreat #2 – Holding Space for Others – Sept. 25-29

Earlybird – $1185 CAD (approx. $884 USD)

Regular – $1305 CAD (approx. $974 USD)

(includes 4 nights accommodation and meals – from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning)


*SOLD OUT* Both Retreats – Sept. 19-29

Earlybird – $2185 CAD (approx. $1630 USD)

Regular – $2405 CAD (approx. $1794 USD)

(includes accommodation for 10 nights, all meals during the retreats, and breakfasts for in-between days)


*SOLD OUT* Both retreats (Sept. 19-29) + Module 3, 4, and 5 online (Oct. – Dec.)

Earlybird – $3085 CAD (approx. $2301 USD)

Regular – $3305 CAD (approx. $2466 USD)

(includes accommodation for 10 nights, all meals during the retreats, and breakfasts for in-between days + completing the Holding Space Coach/Facilitator Program online)

Note: Pay in full, or in three monthly installments (for an additional 5% fee), starting on the day you register.

Cancelation Policy

Cancelations up to 2 weeks prior to the event will receive a refund (less 15% administration fee). There are no cancelations after that date.


Send a message via my contact form, and you’ll hear from either me or my assistant, Krista within a day or two. 


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