Lessons from the Labyrinth – free recording

labyrinth starts hereAre you curious about labyrinths?

Do you wonder about where they came from, what they mean, and how you might use them in your own spiritual practice?

In October 2014, I hosted a free call on Lessons from the Labyrinth.

We talked about:

  • the history of labyrinths
  • how they’re used in spiritual practice and self-care
  • the three stages of a labyrinth walk (release, receive, return)
  • how they serve as a metaphor for our lives
  • what they say about the hero/ine’s journey
  • ideas for using the labyrinth in retreats, workshops, church settings, etc.
  • ideas for how you could make your own labyrinth (from my experience making temporary ones at retreats, or the portable one I’ve made recently)
  • how the labyrinth provides a backdrop for my new e-course The Spiral Path: A Woman’s Journey to Herself

Listen to the recording…


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