Welcome! I'm Heather Plett and I want to help you make deeper connections.

I host meaningful conversations, ask good questions, and offer creative practices that foster mindfulness, growth, and positive change.
 Whether facilitating a major national meeting for city planners, gathering community members for race relations conversations, hosting a retreat for an art guild or church group, teaching a writing class (online or in-person), coaching a client, or writing a blog post, my specialty is creating space for authentic connection, learning and growth.

At the heart of everything I do is the circle, a shape that brings us all back into connection with each other, ourselves, the sacred, and the earth. Some of the proceeds of my business go toward helping to build a school in Uganda. Locally (in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), I host a weekly women's circle and am a co-founder of Race to Peace: conversations about race in Winnipeg.

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What are you longing for? Clarity? Community? Comfort? Relationships? Direction? Ease?

At the heart of every longing is a quest for deeper connection. Many of us live disconnected lives, working in mind-numbing jobs to pay for things we don't really want, to fit in with people we don't really respect. Why? Because we know no other way to live. Because the advertisers tell us this is the path to happiness. Because we've been taught to distrust our longings and our passion. We feel restless, empty, and afraid, and we don't know what to do about it.

I'm here to help you re-connect. I'm here to help you trust your longings, follow your passions, find your community, and be in right relationship with your God and the earth. Learn more about me and how I can help, and then let's talk.


I had a beautiful day at Heather’s Creative Discovery workshop. I so enjoyed being in circle with her and learning to trust what comes for me. The beauty and grace within Heather and what she brings to the world has left me inspired to keep moving forward in my journey. – Colleen Weber, facilitator

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