The art of Holding Space book cover by Heather Plett
In this profound book, facilitator and speaker Heather Plett empowers you with constructive, actionable practices for transforming conflict, building boundaries, and increasing sovereignty in your own life –
and the lives of those
closest to you.
Now Available
Now Available

Things have changed around here. I’ve recently launched
my new book, The Art of Holding Space: A Practice
of Love, Liberation, and Leaders. AND we launched
the Centre for Holding Space. We’ve got
lots of new things for you to explore over
at the Centre – including a new card deck and journal.
If you’re looking for training, check out our 
Holding Space Foundation Program

Things are changing around here as I prepare to launch my book in September. If you’ve come looking for my courses and other offerings, most of them have moved over to the brand new Centre for Holding Space. We’ve got lots of new things for you to explore over there, as well as some old faithfuls.
“Heather amazes me. Yes, her spiritual intelligence, eclectic experience, writing wizardry, and teaching acumen are astonishing but what truly makes her someone you must work with is her heart. It has been tempered with truth, loss, and committed practice, and she brings this depth to all that she does. Heather is the guide you want for your life.”

– Jen Louden
As Seen In…
As Seen In…


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