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I guide and support people as they’re learning the practice of holding space. I help them deepen their relationships, expand their self-awareness, and recognize the systemic issues that are at play.

Here are some of the ways that I do that:

The art of holding space shows up in many ways in my work.

I have hosted retreats for spouses of active service personal with PTSD. I have co-facilitated anti-racism gatherings with settler and Indigenous people in Canada. I have delivered a keynote address for equine-assisted therapists and practitioners. I have delivered a grief and trauma workshop for youth workers and therapists in Florida who, nine months later, had to support their community through the tragedy of the Margeret Stoneman Douglas school shooting. I’ve worked with a circle of business leaders in Costa Rica. And I’ve taught workshops for facilitators, coaches, therapists, lawyers, yoga teachers, etc. in Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.I also love to host writing retreats, since writing is one of my first loves, and I look forward to doing that again some day.

I am a meaning-maker. Where others see chaos and confusion, I find meaning and clarity. I use simple concepts, stories, and metaphors to help readers and workshop participants see meaning and purpose.

I am a storyteller. I believe that wisdom is best uncovered and understood through the art of storytelling. I share with vulnerability and clarity.

I am a conversationalist. Even when I stand on a stage, I am in conversation with those who are listening. I engage as an equal, walking the path with you and discovering together what wisdom there is for us to explore.

Check out this list of links to some of the podcast interviews and a keynote address I’ve done in the past.

I look forward to connecting with you. If you’re interested in hiring me to deliver a keynote address, interviewing me for a podcast/radio/tv show, or inviting me to consult with your organization, please contact me.


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Shawnigan Lake, B.C.

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