“I attended both the Holding Space for Yourself, and Holding Space for Others retreats at Linwood House in BC, and am forever altered by the experience.  Heather is a master space holder that was constantly demonstrating what she was teaching at all times.  The classes gave me tools to better care for myself and others through the implementation of exercises and wise counsel.  Heather has a gentle way of encouraging participation and sharing that allows you to learn not only from her, but from the other participants as we all have life experiences and talents worthy of sharing.  I walked away from this soul-expanding experience with a warmth in my heart and new life-long friends.  I would highly recommend a class with Heather!”  Michelle Dieger

“I had the pleasure of being a participant in three of Heather’s retreat weekends. Each one was uniquely different because Heather has an ability to guide the circle to suit each new group of participants, and gently encourage courageous participation of each person through the days of the retreat.  I loved the opportunities for reflective thinking, some creative exploration, and listening to stories others in the circle chose to share. Because of a personal dream I have, I came with an intent to be mentored in facilitating small gatherings in ways that could set an atmosphere for people to explore their own growth journey, be part of an authentic community, and experience healing in areas of their lives. I am so grateful for so much that I learnt by being part of the retreat circles that Heather facilitated. But more importantly I was able to explore my own needs, shed some emotional baggage, grow some boldness, and build some new relationships with others who value open-hearted journeying with others.” – Alison Steward, New Zealand
“Heather is an exceptional teacher, with a warm, student-centric and creative style that makes learning easy, applicable and fun. I truly looked forward to her writing class every Monday. Most importantly she really did push me out of my comfort zone in terms of my writing. I am grateful for that.”  – Tamara Horbatiuk
“Heather’s class, Mandala Discovery, touched me so deeply. The daily invitations to journey into dark corners and light spaces and back out were steeped in grace and meaning for me. There was a rhythm to this offering that felt deeply personal–as if Heather was speaking to me alone. Take this course and find yourself and your center in the journey.” –Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb
“Heather amazes me. Yes, her spiritual intelligence, eclectic experience, writing wizardy, and teaching acumen are astonishing but what truly makes her someone you must work with is her heart. It has been tempered with truth, loss, and committed practice, and she brings this depth to all that she does. Heather is the guide you want for your life.” – Jen Louden
“When I first heard Heather Plett talk about holding space, it seemed like a radical notion. Soon it became obvious that this work was having a profound and positive impact on those who were participating. It’s time for this powerful tool to get into the hands of more people so they can experience what this gifted teacher has to share.” – Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job
“Heather gave a keynote speech to start off our international association’s annual conference and my response was, ‘Wow!’ It was beyond what we could have hoped for.  Her presentation was  well-organized, thought-provoking, and exceptionally relevant for our focus. As a person and speaker, she is authentic and engaging. Our participants loved her and her presentation, and it set an amazing tone for the rest of our conference. Participant evaluations included, ‘inspiring,’ ‘my favorite,’ ‘powerful speaker,’ ‘valuable,’ and ‘moving.’ It says a lot when contents of her presentation were referred to throughout the rest of our 3-day conference. We are very grateful and will love to have her speak another time.” – Lynn Thomas, LCSW, Founder/CEO, EAGALA, U.S.
“Heather, you have held space for me – in a gracious and loving way. During a time when I most needed someone at my back – while I was working through traumatic memories. You were never frightened, not even at the most horrifying stories or the deepest despair. Without your support, I might not have survived.  And as we are separated by many thousand miles – I am very grateful that you have been holding space for me in the digital realm. Through your voice in coaching calls, through your writing in responding to my writing… Your presence is a true gift for so many of us.” – Michaela Sieh, medical doctor, Belgium
Heather approaches the topic of “holding space,” often trivialized in popular culture, from a deep and respectful place. She reflects on the many traditions and spiritual teachers that have practiced this art for thousands of years, and applies it to the most salient issues facing us today.” – Pam Slim, author of Body of Work
“Heather Plett is a gentle, caring soul with the capacity to support and hold space while you navigate your journey (both personal and professional) to a better self.  Information is shared in a healing manner that feels more soothing than educational yet it’s so full of impact, that you know you are forever changed by the experience.  I’m not sure who will benefit more, my clients or me, from my newfound capacity to hold space.  Before Heather’s workshop, I didn’t even know that I was a bowl.  Now I find myself replaying her teachings in my mind as I become the best bowl I can be!” – Abby Mosher, Founder/Executive Director, Tomorrow’s Rainbow, Inc. (who hired me for a grief summit in Florida)
“The words to describe Heather and what she offers simply don’t exist.  Words are based off what we already know – Heather offers insight into that which we have yet to discover. Brilliantly honest, she speaks not only to the practical but to the soul longing to be understood, to be heard. I have had the good fortune to share in her wisdom through her workbook, group phone calls, and one-on-one conversation.  Because of these, I feel not only understood – but have the support, information, and inspiration to move forward on my own journey with a fierce confidence and clarity.” – Lisa Wilson
“Our work together has been extremely powerful for me. As a professional doing something similar to what you do it takes a lot to impress me. I am very grateful for your mentoring. You have been a coach’s coach for me.”  – Dr. Kay Vogt, coaching client

“My time with Heather has become deeply important for how I reflect on my place in the world. I originally sought out coaching after being accepted into a Doctorate programme, but something was ‘off’ about it for me. With Heather I got so much more than I bargained for! She has helped me to integrate ideas, experiences, memories and dreams that have felt too ephemeral to grasp, let alone make sense of on my own. It is turning into an unexpected voyage into myth and spirit and divine bone-level memory.” – Sas Petherick, self-doubt researcher and coach

 “This dynamic and fun class (Pathfinder Circle) was done in a virtual circle. I loved that. And Heather gave us such helpful tools to really deepen our writing experience. I was not a writer when I began  the class. Now I am, committed to the task of daily writing, with such great tools to really help me be successful. This was a wonderful heart opening experience. I would highly recommend it.”  – Suzan Nolan
“I interned for Heather straight out of University. To some, intern may mean coffee runs and photocopying. But that was certainly not the case working for Heather. She entrusted me with real projects and put faith and trust into my ability to accomplish those projects. I cannot express how empowering that was to a young person in her first real professional environment. When I think back on working with Heather, it’s not boss or manager that come to mind, but leader and mentor and friend. Heather’s gentle encouragement of me to spread my wings literally began charting my career in a direction I never planned or imagined. Today, I am a relatively new manager of people and I recently hired my first intern. I have literally aspired to be the same type of leader for this young person that Heather was for me. And that is perhaps the biggest compliment to Heather’s leadership.” – Gabriela Klimes
“Heather, when I took your Creative Writing course at the University of Winnipeg it was hands down one of the best classes I have attended. Thank you for engaging yourself as you did with your students and making us feel like we could accomplish anything we put our minds too. You were really great and I hope one day I have the opportunity to learn from you again.” – Shelley Harrison
“Heather has been extremely inspirational and supportive of my journey as a young woman and a young leader. She has pushed me further than anyone. She speaks from the heart and truly has a passion for assisting you on your own journey. I consider her an amazing role-model as well as an incredible friend.” – Qualla Parman
“Heather has added great value to the Public Relations and Marketing Management Diploma Program by not only educating her students about Public Relations fundamentals, but by encouraging us and giving us the tools to be great communicators. Her rapport building abilities allowed us to go beyond communicating – she gave us the ability to communicate effectively and to connect. Heather’s superior verbal and written communication skills were definite assets that helped to build our knowledge about Public Relations; however, I believe that her strength was in imparting integrity and honesty to her students.“ – Sarah Maranan, student
“In just a few minutes Heather invited me to a level of both creativity and deep thought that was invaluable. My brain is working on overdrive almost all of the time, so to be invited into an experience that provided me insights while NOT working so hard at it? Gift beyond compare.”  – Ronna Detrick
“Mandala Discovery is opening my heart, my artistic senses, and even my meditative skills! I’m getting back in touch with parts of me I’d forgotten were there. Thank you, Heather, for being my guide on this journey.” – Donna Ahlstrand
“As a facilitator, you beautifully maintained that critical balance of encouraging and challenging us while allowing the natural process of the expression of our gifts to unfold. You are an excellent midwife!” – Jayne Van der Zaag
“Heather has conducted a number of leadership sessions on a wide variety of topics for groups I have led. She is creative, down to earth, enthusiastic, humble and knowledgeable about the highs and lows of organizational leadership all at the same time. She conducts each session with compassion and care, seeing each individual in their own right. She has the ability to challenge people with practical methods and helpful exercises while proving flexible in the presentation of material if need be. I  highly recommended Heather’s leadership experience, expertise and insights for your organization or the members of your group.” – Rob Visser, Prairie Leadership Development Network

“Creative Writing for Self Discovery was a lovely class. Heather created a safe, comfortable non-judgemental environment where everyone was welcome to participate. The class was fun, varied, offered opportunities for health and healing and motivated me to put pen to paper. I am very much looking forward to the next session.” – Ainsley Cunningham

Heather is best when she is creating and helping others create. Unleashing the creative potential of others really gets her going.” – Michele Visser Wikkerink

“I really embraced the coaching sessions with Heather.  My first session was all tears. I released so many layers of pain and she was always intuned to asking me the right question.  Always calm and attentive to my needs – I felt enveloped by her love and her wisdom.  After my first session I felt something huge had shifted in me.  She made me aware of how courageous of a woman I was and just how far I had come on my journey.  I always knew I had gifts and strengths but now I was aware of them in my heart.   My second session was also very empowering.  She recommended I do work on mandalas.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy working on the Mandala Journaling.  Something in me emerged.  With only a few of her coaching sessions I feel I have grown leaps and bounds.  My mind was expanding, I was evolving.   I told Heather how I admired her work and what a beautiful woman she was.  I also thanked her for coming into my life and how I was honored to meet such a beautiful vibrant woman of depth and beauty and she replied:  “I did not simply come into your life Marie, you attracted me – you attract what you are!”  – Marie Lafantaisie

“As a writing instructor and coach, Heather used various methods to help bring out the writer in me. She showed examples in poetry and prose and encouraged my to find my ‘voice’. I have developed more confidence in what I write today, because I took this course.” – Segun Olude

Heather Plett never ceases to amaze and inspire me, and her most recent work, How to Lead with Your Paint Clothes On, took my respect for her to another level. Not only is this work insightful and articulate (as Heather’s work always is), but it also happens to be important and groundbreaking. Her exploration of feminine wisdom has informed this e-book, to be sure, as has the artist in her, and it also happens to just be good “business sense” in our changing and evolving world. Whether you lead within the context of a traditional company or are looking for new ways to lead yourself in your own endeavors, Heather’s e-book is filled to the brim with the sort of help many of us have been waiting for.”  – Christine Claire Reed

“I loved your workshop. It’s simplicity opened up profound depths in each person. I witnessed such inner strength and yes, courage in each woman and was truly awed, blessed and en-couraged!”   – Michelle Landry

“For a teamcoach and systemic constallator it’s important to provide ‘holding space’ in a group so to create an atmosphere of safety and space. This to let arise growth and especially space so that the invisible can be made visible. The training to Holding Space coach/ facilitator from Heather Plett, fits perfectly with this. Heather knows, with her extensive ‘blended’ learning environment, how to bring me further with this difficult and somewhat elusive subject ‘Holding Space’. The combination of 1,5 hours of lessons each week, coaching, extensive theory and the exchange through Facebook and a buddy on the basis of exercises gives me the opportunity to make the transfer to real life practice, and working with teams. She give me mostly catchy and imagining examples which I can apply in my team coaching (for example to walk the Labyrint as a team). I see how the ideas appeals to organisations and managers I coach and supervise currently.

“Beforehand I was wondering how the training would work out with 60 people around the world through the digital learning program. Before it seemed to be a bit impersonal for me and I was wondering if I might drop out during the lessons. However, Heather creates a Holding Space with her organisations whereby I experience a strong proximity and where I look forward to every lesson.

“In short, I would certainly recommend this training and I think that the program is a possibility to spread ‘Holding Space’ further throughout the world.” – Annelies Meijers

“Having taken part in the Holding Space programme January 2018, I decided to continue the work I had started there by participating in the first presentation of A Deeper Quest. For me it has been all I needed and much more.

“I have a habit of acquiring knowledge and then sitting with it while I make my mind up what to do – for way too long. Sometimes I take course after course and then ‘don’t have time’ to use the skills at all – imagine! 

“Deeper Quest has pushed me to use the skills and deepened understanding of myself that I now have. My courage has been tested, as has my willingness to step up and stand behind who I now know myself to be. I am closer to living the life I know I am capable of than I have ever been before. And I am filled with gratitude for all of the experiences the programme has brought me, comfortable and otherwise.” – Linda Pentland


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