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I love to speak about the things I learn.

Whether it’s a keynote speech about what it means to hold space, a radio interview about personal growth, or a storytelling event about international relationship building, I love to talk to people about ideas related to connection, leadership, community, and personal growth.

I don’t think of myself as a “motivational speaker”, because sometimes what I talk about is hard and emotional – like grief, for example. And I don’t think of myself as a guru, because I’d rather sit in circle with you than be at an elevated position in any hierarchy. I think of myself as a friend, gently offering you a new way of seeing the world.

I am a conversationalist. Even when I stand on a stage, I am in conversation with those who are listening. I engage as an equal, walking the path with you and discovering together what wisdom there is for us to explore.

I am a storyteller. I believe that wisdom is best uncovered and understood through the art of storytelling. I share with vulnerability and clarity.

I am a meaning-maker. Where others see chaos and confusion, I find meaning and clarity. I use simple concepts, stories, and metaphors to help my audience see meaning and purpose.

“Heather gave a keynote speech to start off our international association’s annual conference and my response was, ‘Wow!’ It was beyond what we could have hoped for.  Her presentation was  well-organized, thought-provoking, and exceptionally relevant for our focus. As a person and speaker, she is authentic and engaging. Our participants loved her and her presentation, and it set an amazing tone for the rest of our conference. Participant evaluations included, ‘inspiring,’ ‘my favorite,’ ‘powerful speaker,’ ‘valuable,’ and ‘moving.’ It says a lot when contents of her presentation were referred to throughout the rest of our 3-day conference. We are very grateful and will love to have her speak another time.” – Lynn Thomas, LCSW, Founder/CEO, EAGALA

I spent much of my career honing the craft of communication. As a Director of Communication for the federal government and then non-profit, I became a master at communicating about whatever concepts I was being paid to talk about (and was named Manitoba Communicator of the Year for my efforts). I did media interviews, wrote and delivered speeches, produced videos, and wrote endless press releases and web copy, and I enjoyed it, but there was always something missing. I wasn’t speaking about the things I was most passionate about.

That changed when I became self-employed in 2011 and started talking about the things that mattered most to me. I now put all of those skills I learned while talking about veterans, public health, agriculture, and hunger to use, and now I talk about community-building, leadership, personal growth, transformation, and holding space.

“Heather Plett is a gentle, caring soul with the capacity to support and hold space while you navigate your journey (both personal and professional) to a better self.  Information is shared in a healing manner that feels more soothing than educational yet it’s so full of impact, that you know you are forever changed by the experience.  I’m not sure who will benefit more, my clients or me, from my newfound capacity to hold space.  Before Heather’s workshop, I didn’t even know that I was a bowl.  Now I find myself replaying her teachings in my mind as I become the best bowl I can be!”
– Abby Mosher, Founder/Executive Director, Tomorrow’s Rainbow, Inc. (hired me for a grief summit in Florida)

Click here for a list of keynote addresses, workshops, and retreats I offer. I’d be happy to adapt one of the topics to suit your needs.

If you are looking for someone to speak at your conference or special event, I’d love to talk with you. Send me a note or book an exploratory conversation on my online calendar (for a phone or Skype conversation).

Here’s a video from a talk I gave at EAGALA conference on the topic of Holding Space.

Here’s an audio recording of a talk I gave on Building Relationships that Bridge Differences… (even though it looks like a video, don’t be fooled – it’s audio)


Interested in the other work I do? Check out my facilitation, retreat hosting, and coaching pages.

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