6 responses to “Welcoming the new year from the centre of the labyrinth”

  1. Andrea

    Heather, I am so glad you send that email!

    That was my favourite New Year’s Eve ever. I left feeling so happy and sure and sparkly and ready.

    I hope this becomes a tradition!

  2. DoraDueck

    Thanks for describing this, Heather, and letting me participate in this way. I would so much have loved to be there, but maybe next year! I felt that it worked out (for me) the way it was supposed to. Earlier in the evening, H. and I went to Birds Hills and made a fire and roasted smokies. Something especially meaningful about that (which I’m going to do a post about yet) was that although we felt completely alone in the park and drove a long time looking for a firepit (they’re easier to spot in the daylight) we suddenly came upon one that still had glowing embers, though we saw no one. So, we built our fire from that.

  3. Cath Duncan

    Totally wish I could have been there! So glad I’ll have you as a companion through 2012… looking forward to exploring, teaching and learning together.

    Big love,

  4. Karen

    I very much enjoyed reading this. Inspiring first to battle your gremlins – an area I want to work on, that you had such a special way of welcoming in the New Year and saying goodbye to last year, but for me it was the blessing you gave touched me so much. Thank you.

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