7 responses to “Sometimes holding space feels like doing nothing”

  1. Sylvia Newberry

    Thank you so much Heather. You nailed it!!

  2. Catherine Betz

    Thank you for this reflection, Heather. The last time I coached someone, I felt uneasy afterward, knowing that somehow it could have gone so much better. This helps me to understand why; I was trying to DO something too much, and should have just left more space for my client. Next time, I will simply rest in awareness more, and listen.

  3. Daniel Imburgia

    God bless you in your work. Much obliged.

  4. Raksha

    So beautiful!

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  6. Cindy Shotwell

    Thanks so much for this. I recently became a crisis counselor volunteer with Crisis Text Line and through their awesome training process realized that the one thing would be the most difficult for me to do is to “hold space” for the texter while not allowing my “momma” fix everything instinct to kick in. It was especially a real struggle for me at the beginning of my time. However, I’ve been so deeply moved by the growth coming from my CTL taught ability to be an active listener. By suppressing my natural instinct to give advice based on MY life experience, I empower them to grow in their weakest moments and feel genuinely listed too, while giving them the space to find their own paths.

  7. Dyhanna Noble

    This is so beautiful , thank you . My
    Mother died three years ago & I know that
    the emptiness I feel in my body is the space
    she filled when she was on this earth.
    I will hold that space with love now , knowing that
    I can and am a container of Love for me , for her,
    for all those in I my Life
    Happy Mothers Day to all

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