Conversation #1 – after we’d made a hat out of magic noodles

Maddie: I just made wonderful stuff and I feel WONDERFUL!

Conversation #2 – when she was climbing into the bathtub

Me: Stop – there’s a piece of toilet paper stuck to your toe.

Her: What!? How did that get there? (a grin breaks out on her face) Oh, I know – the little man in my toe was trying to wipe his bum!

Conversation #3 – in the bathtub

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Her: (again with the grin) A dog.

Me: How are you going to turn into a dog?

Her: Well, I’ll go to the dog store and see if they have a dog-turner-into and I’ll use it. (throws her head back and laughs)

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