I didn’t think I’d ever use the words “mall” and “fun” in the same sentence, but we did in fact have a lot of fun at the Mall of America. Truthfully, though, we probably could have had fun without the mall. What made it fun was the fact that we got to spend a few days away with our family. Some of these other things helped too:
– hanging out in the hotel pool
– watching Marcel and Julie skip through the mall parking lot, trying to convince the easily humiliated Nikki to join them
– seeing Maddie’s reaction when she discovered Legoland and realized how many things can be made out of Lego
– watching the expressions of Marcel, Nikki, and Julie as they splashed through the log ride
– giggling after Marcel managed to shake loose a bag of taco chips from the snack vending machine
– eating at the Rainforest CafĂ© while fake monkeys and snakes swung from the branches above
– staying up late in the hotel room
– cuddling with Maddie on her own special hotel room cot
– enjoying mother-daughter bonding time with Nikki in Ikea while everyone else swam
– ice cream – mmmmm…
– taking pictures of Marcel trying on hats
– and (this one’s for the horny redneck Vicki) “reconnecting” with my husband in the bathroom while the children slept. 🙂 (B&S will appreciate that one too, given our hotel room history together.)

And here are the pictures to prove it… (except for that last one – there will be NO pictures of that!)
At the Mall of America
At the Rainforest Cafe
The Timbaland Twister
The log ride
Maddie on the airplane 2
The girls at Legoland

You can see the whole set over here.

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