Marcel’s gone out for a night on the town with his university friends – some of whom are half his age, attractive, AND female. But hey – I’m not jealous. Nope, not me. Why should I be when I’m curled up here in bed with my new friend Mac? He’s young, he’s smooth, he whispers sweet nothings in my ear, and he lets me blog without interrupting me with conversation (or…ahem… other things…). In fact, he LOVES it when I blog – he says my keystrokes tickle his skin. He even likes to take pictures of me and seduce me with gentle music. Now if only he came with a candle holder and glass of wine, he’d be nearly perfect.

Yes, through the wonders of modern technology, I can increase my laziness even more, and blog from bed. Woohoo! (I’d take a picture with the built-in camera, but my purple flannel pajamas aren’t really screen worthy.)

We’re not normally the type of family that HAS to have the latest in technology (we don’t even have a cell phone), but I do believe I’m falling in love with this little baby curled up in my lap. Aaahhhh….!

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