At about 5:00 this morning, Maddie came into our room rather tearful and said “I figured out that I was sleeping under the bed, and now I can’t find Joe Banana.” I went to her room to help find her monkey and sure enough – her blanket was under the bed where she must have been curled up for some unknown reason. Joe Banana, however, had decided he prefered the top of the bed. Right next to his friend Lily the Bear.

I missed portfolio night at school on Tuesday because I had work commitments. Last night, Nikki went through her portfolio with me. Under “Books I’ve read on my own recently”, she had “Hanna’s suitcase, Hitler’s Childhood, Biography of Ghandi, Biography of Princess Diana, and Biography of Albert Einstein”. Do you get the sense that this girl takes after her dad in the “history buff” department? Yup, it’s true. Smile. “Mom,” she said incredulously, “most of my friends don’t even know who Ghandi is!”

The weather has been absolutely incredible here this week. Happy sigh.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. I’d like to get her something – sort of a peace offering to say “I really DO like you even though I don’t always act like it”, but I have no idea what to get. My sister wrote a lovely post about her.

Maybe it has something to do with Spring arriving, but I have this sudden urge to rearrange furniture. I think I’ll start with my office today. It’s a little crowded now that my bike is parked next to my desk.

I hate it when I hear that someone’s been belittling my children. Julie’s a strong girl, but some of the things that have been said to her by a respected grownup lately would make even an adult want to cry. I’m struggling with what to do about it.

I went to a friend’s art show opening yesterday. She paints wonderful colourful landscapes and florals, but my favourite pieces of hers are the art quilts (hers is the third one). There’s something about textile art that draws me in. I went home and wanted to make something with fabric. But by the time I responded to all of the needs and wants of my children, I was way too tired.

This one’s mostly for my siblings…

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