Marnie, I must have subconsciously known that your package would arrive today, because I colour-coordinated my clothes this morning in anticipation. PLUS I died my hair a lovely complimentary shade of red. I am NOTHING if not committed to my blog friends (and their loot)! Go ahead – send me a gift! I’ll die my hair, I’ll buy a matching skirt at Value Village – I’ll do ANYTHING for free loot!

I’ve already found SO many uses for this… um… lovely scarf. The head-dress, the shawl, the babushka… those are just the beginning!

It also serves well as a sun-shade, a mirror accent, clothing for my naked giraffe, a lampshade to set the mood…

Maddie rounded the corner while I was taking the head-dress photo and said “What the….!” Her unfinished sentence spoke volumes. But then, she couldn’t resist getting in on the fun, and she discovered several other uses. A skirt (otherwise known as something to hide her ever-present butt-crack), a baby-carrier for Joe the monkey, and long hair when she’s playing dress-up.

Some other reactions in my household…
Julie picked it up gingerly, like it was a dead animal carcass, and gave it a sneer and then looked at me like I’d lost my mind.
Marcel picked it up, wrapped it around himself and asked, “Is it… um… something sexual?”

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