For those of you who asked (and even for those who didn’t), this is my new bed-mate. Yes, we decided to go Mac this time around. It’s a MacBook Pro.

We’ve never had a Mac before, but have several friends and associates (particularly those who are in creative fields) who swear it’s the ONLY way to go for all things related to design and creative expression. Since I like to dabble in design now and then, and hope to do more of it some day when I can shake off the shackles of a full time job and do some consulting work (which will mostly be about writing and workshop/leadership facilitation, but may involve some design), we decided to “invest in the future”.

Yes, Lucia, it has a camera. See that tiny dot at the top, in the middle? It’s an itty bitty camera, and it has already provided the girls with hours of pleasure. It’s a rather clever design, actually – the screen flashes when the shutter opens, so you actually have light on your subject too. Plus there are lots of fun special effects that the girls like to mess around with. (I’m on the wrong computer right now, or I’d show you some of the results of their efforts.)

We’re still learning the new technology, but so far, so good! (Oh, by the way – if you’re our friendly neighbour who is so generously sharing your wireless hook-up with us – THANK YOU!)

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