The ballots are in, the votes have been counted, the chits have been altered by the… oops, I mean the draw is complete and we have a winner.

And the winner is… now, before I go there, I want you to know that this raffle was completely on the up-and-up and I was NOT swayed by any threats or bribes in the comment box. Seriously – I even asked Maddie to draw the winning name from the basket. She looked at me rather strangely when I told her to pick a little piece of paper out of a basket, but she complied.

Now, back to the winner… my dear ol’ friend Whippersnapper has snagged herself a new funky bag! Which at least saves me some postage because she’s right here in my own city. Whippersnapper, come meet me for coffee/tea sometime and the bag will exchange hands.

Whew. I was a little worried that if she didn’t win, some rather nasty pictures would surface on her blog. And trust me, those pictures should never EVER see the light of day. Ever. It was bad enough she nearly showed them to my daughters! Just remember, Whip, I have some rather unflattering pictures of you too, so if you ever have a momentary lapse of judgement and choose to post them, all of blogland will see you in your underwear smoking a large… um… sausage. (Whippersnapper and I were roommates back in the good ol’ days before husbands and children and mortgages and one hundred and one commitments – get us going some night and you’ll hear ALL kinds of interesting stories. And trust me, she really IS as funny as she seems on her blog.)

Perhaps if the sewing bug hits again some day, I will make more bags available to the rest of you eager participants. Gina had to wait nearly two years for hers, though, so I’m not making any promises.

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