It seems the sewing mood hit me this weekend. It all started with a wall hanging I made from a painting I bought in Ethiopia. I moved into a new office on Friday and wanted to have something new to adorn the walls. (Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures of it before I dropped it off at my office. Maybe another time.) I made one from a similar painting from Kenya, so now I have a pair and my office will look oh-so-funky.

From there I moved on to funky purses. First I sewed one for each of the girls. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to get my eldest to appear in a group shot with her sisters? I had to guilt her into it… “Mommy worked hard on your purse, the least you can do is pose for a picture.” Yes, I’m not above a little manipulation when necessary.)
By the end of the weekend, I’d made five of them.
Since she is one of my oldest blog friends and a loyal commenter (this is no fairweather friend, I tell ya), plus I kinda promised her one a long, LONG time ago, this blue bag is on its way to Gina in California.
But since I was on a roll, I made an extra one and it’s up for grabs. Anybody want it? If so, leave a comment and I’ll raffle it off to some lucky winner. If you look closely, it’s got funky beaded trim at the bottom of the pocket. Plus it has an inside pocket. The strap is long enough to wear it across the chest like a messenger bag. Go ahead – you know you wa-ant it!

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