– We have an infestation of fruit flies. Yuck. They were already here before our trip, but they multiplied while we were gone – even though we didn’t leave any fruit around for them to feast on. They’re in every room of the house. Just now I washed my hands in the bathroom, and there must have been thirty of them on the mirror – perhaps attracted to the windex Marcel just used to clean it. I figured out how to trap them, and I’m sure I’ve trapped about 100, but there are at least that many more still in the house. I may have to look for more aggressive measures.

– Do you want to see an ugly case of poison ivy? No? Well avert your eyes then, ’cause I’m showing you anyway (and this is just his legs – it has spread to his arms and back too)…
– As part of our housewarming gift for ccap and her boy and Abby, we bought them each a special plate. Guess who gets each one…
– And here’s a picture of the happy homeowners… (here’s hoping ccap doesn’t hate me for posting a pic before she gets around to it, but I thought perhaps her downloading cord was already packed.)
– My friend Whippersnapper just stopped by for a little visit. She’s one of those rare friends that, after nearly 10 years of not seeing each other, we can just pick up where we left off and still laugh just as hard and be just as relaxed with as we ever were.

– My holidays are almost over. Bummer. They sure have been good though. And thankfully, I have a job that I never hate to go back to.

– Yes, I know I’ve still got plenty of hormonal years to deal with, but I’m quite enjoying my preteen girls right now. During the camping trip, I kept marveling at how much easier it was to set up and take down our campsite, because they were both willing contributors in the work. And this morning was cleaning day, and my basement is VERY clean and I didn’t have to lift a finger (or even nag). They’ve moved past that stage where you usually have to do a spot check and clean up after them.

– Speaking of cooperative kids, I think some of it has to do with the lack of TV-watching this summer (we extended TV-free month to two months). Every time we give up TV for awhile, I find I like my kids more. They seem more settled and less irritable. Plus they do more creative things. Sometimes I think we should give it up permanently.

– Tonight’s an exception to TV-free month. My two preteens have waited all summer for High School Musical 2. I would be the worst ogre to walk the face of the earth if I denied them that.

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