Last Spring, Nikki suffered a major disappointment when she didn’t get selected to play on the developmental level soccer team. Several of her friends got chosen (or at least got chosen to serve as back-up – kind of like the ‘farm team’). If you saw Nikki play, you’d realize that it was clearly an oversight. No, I’m not just being a biased Mom – all the other parents who watch her were as incredulous as we were.

Nikki is passionate about soccer. P.A.S.S.I.O.N.A.T.E. Even though she could only play at the recreational league level, she poured her heart and soul into it every chance she got. All through the spring and summer, she worked extra hard, determined to improve her skills so she’d be selected next year. She went to a soccer camp in the summer, and her skills got even better.

This year, for the first time, both her and Julie are playing indoor soccer. (They wanted to last year, but our budget was a little tight.) Nikki started the season with a bang – scoring the first goal for her team – and has been knockin’ em dead ever since (highest goal-scorer so far). She is a force to be reckoned with. (I really love watching her. There’s this little skip-step that she does just before she kicks it into full throttle. It’s a thing of beauty.)

And yesterday it paid off. We weren’t aware of it, but there was a coach from the developmental team watching her game, looking for a possible back-up player for their team. After the game (in which Nikki scored 2 out of the team’s 3 goals), he pulled Nikki’s coach aside, and then he pulled Nikki aside. They want her to come out for practices and be available to play whenever one of their players can’t make it. (She was the only one from her team selected.)

She’s not a full-fledged member of the team (yet), but it’s a start. And it sure is good to see that smile on her face.

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