– listen to good music
– read good books
– engage in stimulating conversations
– let go of regret
– go for long walks
– seek peace
– be kind
– pursue friendship
– encourage boldness
– pause to gaze at dandelions
– forgive others
– forgive myself
– savour delicious food
– walk gently on the earth
– light candles
– be inspired by others
– embrace the ordinary
– let beauty surprise me
– watch my children play
– stare at snowflakes
– smile at strangers
– get my feet wet
– give something away
– pray
– take pictures
– play in the rain with my daughters
– take a risk
– let people change me
– listen to stories
– go for dates with my husband
– create something new
– pause
– taste a new food
– gaze with wonder out of a plane window
– wait contentedly
– be available
– limit my expectations
– ask cab drivers to tell me stories of their home countries
– drink water
– sit by a campfire
– be open to surprises
– ask good questions
– reduce, reuse, recycle

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