Complication #542 – Though I can now go to the first faraway country, our new cameraperson (from the second faraway country) may not be able to enter the country. (Not just a minor inconvenience when your whole purpose of traversing the globe is to produce a film.)

I don’t think I’m exagerating when I say it’s the 542nd complication. Seriously. I started planning this trip in January, and nothing has gone smoothly. Absolutely nothing. When the dust settles, I’ll write a long list of all the things that have gone wrong and I’ll most certainly bore you all to tears.

Today, every time I open yet ANOTHER email with bad news, I find myself laughing hysterically. It’s about all I can do. I’m way past Murphy’s law by now.

Somehow, I must convince my brain that I really AM leaving for the other side of the world in 2 days. Somehow, I have to start getting at least marginally excited about it. How do you turn a knot of stress – that feels like it’s the beginning of an ulcer – into a flutter of excited energy? How do you begin to pack for a trip you haven’t been able to convince yourself you’re actually taking?

Some of my colleagues are thinking of posting a “will Heather REALLY arrive at her destination?” guessing pool on the website. The winner gets a free t-shirt. Or an expired airline ticket.

Here’s hoping my luck begins to change the moment I step on a plane. Provided I actually get ON the plane and don’t get run over by it.

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