With all my office packing done (and nothing for me to do at work, since my computer is wrapped in bubble wrap), I took the day off today and took myself out on a little artist’s date to a local retreat centre. Mostly I was there to do some writing, but while there I also had some fun with glue, construction paper, and old magazines. When I’m trying to imagine a new project, it’s fun to step away from it for awhile and let my artist-child come out to play. Sometimes great truths can be found when you’re paging through old magazines looking for fun things to glue onto a collage.
I’ve done this activity at leadership and teambuilding workshops sometimes. It’s rather delightful getting a bunch of business people down on the floor, throwing some old magazines around the room, giving them scissors and glue and telling them “get creative, imagine the future, and then tell me what surprises you find in your collage.”

Here are a few clues about what I’m working on.

If, by looking at those little cryptic messages, you guessed “she’s writing a book!” then you would be correct! If you guessed that it’s about art and life and passion and reimagining truth, then you’d also be right. For more clues, you could check out answer #4 in the blog post below this one.

It feels a little scary to admit it, but there it is, out in the open. Now that I said it, I guess I’ll have to actually live up to it and produce something one of these days, or you’ll all call me a liar.

Take a deep breath… and here we go…

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