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After buying my new camera at Christmastime, I started trying new things and looking around for ideas to inspire me. One of things I decided to do was the 365 project on Flickr. Starting on January 13, I’m trying to take at least one picture per day for a year. Unfortunately, I picked a rather challenging time of year to start such a project, because the daylight hours are all when I’m at work, so most of my photography is limited to what I can capture without sunlight. And these days, even when we have sunlight, it so flippin’ cold that you don’t want to risk frostbite just to get a picture.

By about the third day, I was wondering “okay, so what am I going to take pictures of today?” There are only so many interesting things in my house, and the girls are growing weary of having a camera in front of their face every day. But I keep trying… and I keep longing for the Spring when things start to grow again. In the meantime, this experiment has already afforded me the opportunity to look at things from a new perspective – which is rather fun. (Have you ever laid down on the floor to take pictures of your daughter’s feet?)

If you want to see what I’ve captured so far, go here. (I’m a couple of days behind with uploading – they’re sitting on the camera waiting for me to have a.) time, and b.) a few moments when my kids aren’t hogging the computer.) If you want to follow the journey, and you’re a Flickr user, feel free to add me to your contacts list.

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