1. I’m in Calgary, sitting in a comfy reclining chair at my brother and sister-in-law’s. I’ll be flying home in a few hours. I just finished doing a round of interviews. Sadly, we’re losing our Alberta staff and I have to hire again. Sigh.

2. After 8 interviews, I find it remarkable what different energy people bring into a room with them. Some bring an air of confidence, some aloofness, some boundless energy, and some calm comfort. I could almost always tell within the first few seconds what kind of energy the person was bringing and whether I would find myself drawn to that person or not. It made me wonder what kind of energy I bring to a room. I remember being told once, by a boss who became a really close friend, that the minute I walked into the interview, she knew she would like me and that we probably read the same kind of books. She was right.

3. My brother just brought me a Starbucks chai latte and it’s yummy. I kinda like him.

4. In the interests of putting myself out there a little more, and maybe taking on a little more freelance work (it’s what paid for my camera, so what’s not to like), I made myself a website and my kind brother helped me upload it. Go check it out.

5. My sister-in-law is busy taking goofy pictures of her dog. A few minutes ago she was reading sections of a knitting book out loud to me. And when I arrived two days ago, she handed me a lovely wool hat that she’d knit. I kinda like her. (And now she turned the camera on me.)

6. I have to go catch my plane soon.

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