“I didn’t know you were a singer-songwriter,” I said to my dinner companion after he told me he’d be meeting Vance Gilbert (whom I’d just mentioned) at the upcoming Folk Festival singer-songwriter retreat.

“Welllll…” he hesitated, “I dabble in it.”

“Why is it that almost all artists I know don’t admit to being artists – they ‘just dabble in it’?”

He chuckled. “Okay… so let’s try this again… I AM a singer-songwriter.”

“Much better,” I said.

And then, after telling him about my idea for a web space where “dabblers” can “own their wisdom and share it graciously”, I said, “I once taught a creativity workshop, and overwhelmingly, the participants were all yearning for the same thing – permission to create and to call themselves artists.”

“Creativity workshop?” he said, his ears perking up. “Tell me more.”

And then, because we were both trying to be more bold and own our giftedness, I told him more, and by the end, he’d invited me to teach a day long workshop for his staff. And I went home with that dreamy look on my face.


A few years ago, I wrote this as my personal mission statement:

My mission is to inspire excellence in people, facilitate growth and the discovery of giftedness, and to serve as a catalyst for positive change.


Stay tuned. The bud is beginning to unfold in delightful ways.

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