First – the prize! So I figured it was high time I announced the winner of my little anniversary giveaway.  And the prize goes to… drumroll please… JANE STEEN  of the blog “Keep Going You Fool!” (isn’t that a great name for a blog?) Jane, please let me know where I should send your prize AND go on over to this page and pick something you want for under $25. Have fun with that!

And now, the first unrelated random item: In other news, I just realized I have three dishes to cook for each of the next three days and I haven’t given a single thought to what I’ll be cooking, what ingredients I’ll need OR when I’ll find even a few minutes to shop for or cook said items. Oh to be one of those much-envied people with an organized brain who thinks of things IN ADVANCE!

Second unrelated random item: Speaking of my failings, while I was traveling last week, I read a delightful book I’d picked up in the discount rack called “Helping Me Help Myself”. Oh – it was fun!  The author has the same love-hate (leaning somewhat more heavily toward the “hate/skeptical” side) relationship with over-hyped self-help books, gurus, etc., and yet she subjects herself to a full year of trying to fix her life with the help of 10 different self-help gurus. She’s got so many of my “endearing” qualities – disorganized, slightly scatter-brained, not very good with money, inconsistent parenting skills – that I felt like I knew her. At the end of the book, I decided that my resolution would be the OPPOSITE this coming year – NOT subject myself to ANY self-help books and just try to be content with who I am.

Third unrelated random item: It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie’s place, and I am wishing for one simple thing – some uninterrupted time in my studio.  I had to duck in there this morning to grab something on the way to work, and it tugged me and cajoled me and tried to hold me in its clutches. The art supplies were calling me, I swear it! Alas, I had to go because there is just too much “stuff” to do.  But next week when I’m on vacation?  Well, I may just have to do what I did when I took summer vacation and spend the mornings in the studio before the rest of the household wakes up.  I don’t have any grand plans – I just want to play with paint again!

Fourth unrelated random item: I’ve signed up for a drawing class at the WAG starting in January. I’m a little disappointed they won’t let Nikki take it with me. I was looking forward to learning to draw with my oldest daughter, but you have to be 18 to take the adult class. Perhaps because they’ll have nude models?

Fifth unrelated random item: I think it’s time to go make myself some tea.

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