• As of this morning, I have done yoga FIVE MORNINGS in a row! I’d say that’s a fairly decent start to a new habit. Not only do I walk away feeling a tad self-righteous (yay me!), but my energy flow feels better throughout the day. Definitely worth it.
  • Maddie is pretty bummed I don’t wake her up early to do yoga with me, but I’m not sure it would have the same meditative effect with a seven-year-old.
  • Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. In the car last night, I was listening to a collage of news bits from the day of his release (on CBC Radio’s As it Happens) and I was moved to tears by the passion and excitement of the people celebrating his release. What an incredible leader he has been in teaching the world about justice, passion, truth, forgiveness and equality! If you haven’t seen Invictus yet, you really should. The story of how he forgave the people responsible for his imprisonment is awe-inspiring and humbling. (And makes me feel somewhat petty for any grudges I’ve held.)
  • In honour of Nelson Mandela’s release (and what it meant to the African people), I listened to some Ladysmith Black Mambazo (singing with Sarah MacLachlan) on the treadmill last night. Oh my – it gives me chills! And what a yearning I now have to sit once again in the shade of an acacia tree in a little village in Africa listening to the drumbeat and rich voices, while the dancers grin all the way through a tribal dance. Aaahhhhh the memories!
  • Maasai dancer

  • Speaking of the treadmill, as I ran, it occurred to me that in a month, I will no longer need to run with the fear of being knocked temporarily unconcious by a flapping behomoth of a breast. I wonder what it will be like to run with small(er) breasts? Maybe I’ll even be able to work up the courage to run outside – in public! (I actually enjoy running and might get hooked when I have less baggage.)
  • I’m going to a conference in Chicago in April and I’m getting kind of excited. I’ve only spent a few hours in Chicago (on the train trip to Cleveland last September), but I fell in love with it – especially the giant faces in Millenium Park. I want to sit and stare and watch those faces change for… oh… maybe an hour or two. It was quite magical coming across them unexpectedly at twilight. (If anyone else has recommendations for some “must see” things in Chicago, let me know.)
  • Face sculpture in Millenium Park, Chicago

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