“A life without delight is only half a life.”

“In order to become attentive to beauty, we need to rediscover the art of reverence.”

“If we attempt to own beauty, we corrupt it.”

“The call to the creative life is a call to dignity, to a life of vulnerability and adventure and the call to a life that exquisite excitement and indeed ecstasy will often visit.”

“We have a sacred responsibility to encourage and illuminate all that is inherently good and special in each other.”

“It is a wonderful day in a life when one is finally able to stand before the long, deep mirror of one’s own reflection and view oneself with appreciation, acceptance, and forgiveness.”

“Your strange and restless uniqueness is an intimate expression of God and who you are says something of who God is.”

“Rather than trying to set out like some isolated cosmonaut in search of God, maybe the secret is to let God find you.”

(Just a few of the things I underlined in “Beauty: Rediscovering the True Sources of Compassion, Serenity, and Hope” by John O’Donohue.)

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