I have a huge fondness for wild crocuses. They are such bold little flowers, poking their heads out of the newly thawed ground and blooming before other plants even dare to sprout. But they’re not just bold, they’re smart – they guard against the early Spring cold by wearing furry coats and staying close to the ground where they’re out of the wind.

Almost everyone who grew up in my small town feels an attachment to prairie crocuses. The crocus is our provincial flower, and my hometown prides itself in being the crocus capital of Manitoba. On Sunday mornings in early Spring, we’d race across the road after church to the big field in the centre of town to see who could spot the first crocus of the season.

I’ve been longing to go crocus hunting, and yesterday, on my day off, I actually considered driving the two hours just to see if my hometown was a-bloom with crocuses. But I’d travelled on the weekend and was leaving again today, so it seemed a little frivolous and irresponsible. Instead, I did the responsible thing and made sure the family has groceries and clean clothes while I’m away.

It wasn’t ALL work, though. With such lovely weather, I couldn’t resist a visit to the labyrinth before tackling the grocery shopping.

The designers of the labyrinth filled the in-between spaces with indigenous grasses and flowers, and… guess what? There were wild crocuses in bloom! I hadn’t even thought of that when I decided to spend some time there. What a pleasant surprise!

If you want to see more of the lovely labyrinth that’s just across the river from my house and is one of my favourite places for contemplation, here’s a video I made last summer.


p.s. I’m in Chicago this week, and will be sharing photos from here soon. I’ve livin’ in the lap o’ luxury this week, having been upgraded to first class accommodations. Remember the suite in Pretty Woman? It’s not quite that, but close! More on that another day.

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