It may sound boring, but sometimes “contentment” is the most powerful feeling in the world. Today I had the happy realization that I am content.

  • I’m not restless about the future as I so often am.
  • I’m pretty relaxed about letting life unfold the way it should instead of rushing into the “next big thing”.
  • Considering what we’ve been through this Spring, my family is all happy and (mostly) healthy.
  • After some rough spots on the path, Marcel and I have a stronger marriage than ever. We’ve both worked through some issues with a happy result.
  • I have some very good relationships with my staff at work and a little investment is making them even better.
  • For those times when the relationships are not-so-good, I have more courage to confront what I need to confront, and that feels good.
  • I’m feeling much better about my body than I have in a long time.
  • I’m loving my bike rides to and from work – they’re like a combination exercise/meditation practice at the beginning and end of my work day.
  • I have an amazing week of learning, inspiration, meditation, and meeting cool people coming up at ALIA.
  • I get to go sea kayaking in Nova Scotia soon. SO excited!
  • There are also holidays and camping trips and beach days and barbecues to look forward to.
  • I feel that I am in the space I am meant to be at the moment, and when it’s time to change, I have a sense that I will be ready for it.

I just finished reading Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser and I can’t imagine a better book to have shown up in my life at this time. It’s about how difficult times in our lives can help us grow if we allow them to. She talks alot about the “Phoenix Process”, where we have to submit ourselves to the flame in order to eventually rise out of it a transformed being. I think I’ve been through the Phoenix Process in the last year and the flame has finally subsided.

It feels so good to be able to say “Life is Good!”

Now for the part where I rise – colourful, triumpant, and transformed – from the flame… wait for it… ’cause it’s gonna be good!

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