Swimming at dusk

We are back from vacation, settling back into day-to-day life as we prepare for return-to-school season. I have another month of work and then I’ll be setting off on my new adventure in self-employment. (I’m already getting some contract offers even before I’ve had a chance to “hang my shingle”, so I’m rather hopeful that the transition will be a smooth one.)

Our vacation was just what the doctor ordered. We started with a relaxing week at a rented cabin at Albert Beach where we were surrounded by visiting friends and family. Nearly each day brought someone new to our little temporary home and we enjoyed everyone who showed up. (By the end, every available soft surface had a body sleeping on it.)  And then we ended with a short camping trip to another beach where we hung out with family (but fewer of them) once again.

Oh how good a vacation can be for body and soul! Last night, after it all ended and most of the unpacking was done, I sat down for a quiet moment and just soaked in all of the goodness and happiness and contentment that came from a week in a beautiful place surrounded by people I love. Yup, cheesy but true.

Vacation affords a person with the opportunity to actually stop and notice the myriad of sacred moments that often pass us by. Here are just a few of the ones I experienced this past week.

  • Watching the moon cast a trail of gentle light on the water
  • Discovering a tiny country graveyard tucked under the trees in the middle of one of my morning runs
  • A bright green tree frog sitting completely still on a white cross
  • Wandering on a rugged, wave-whipped portion of the beach with my cousin/friend
  • Eating delicious crepes with some new-ish friends
  • Shadow patterns cast on the beach by wispy willow leaves
  • Standing with my beloved on the coldest, windiest day, watching the waves crash on the shore
  • “Rocks!” “Beach!” and other exuberance expressed by my 2 year old nephew
  • Family. Enough said.
  • Placing the last piece of the hardest puzzle ever.
  • My 72 year old mom, true to form, clamouring to the top of a giant rock with my brother.
  • A three generational volleyball game.
  • A courageous 8 year old diving into waves on the coldest, windiest day

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few more of our vacation photos.

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