1. Life is messy. We can’t clean it up with “easy steps”.

2. There are no simple roadmaps to success. Come to think of it, “success” might not be what we’re after.

3. Your path will always look different from mine. You may have six steps, while I have seventeen. And in the end, we’ll arrive at different places anyway, so what’s the point in counting steps?

4.  Sometimes, the destination changes on the way there.

5. The joy of living is in the journey. “Ten easy steps” implies that it’s all about the destination.

6. If they’re so darn easy, does that mean I’m a failure if I just can’t get them right?

7. I’m ornery. I don’t like following rules.

8. I’m also a wanderer. I generally find a way to deviate from the path – throw in an extra step or two, just for variation.

9. When I read “ten easy steps” in the headline, I generally think “writer/blogger trying to take the short route to easy money”.

10. I prefer circles and swirls (just look at my header, for example) to straight lines. Perhaps I’ll write “a circular guide to success”. Hmmm…

11. (You KNEW I was too ornery to leave this at 10, didn’t you?) “Ten easy steps” leaves out the power of intuition, the beauty of being led by Spirit, and the joy of discovery along the way.

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