I have been busy living a full and beautiful life these past days, hosting a delightful house guest from the coast, showing him how beautiful the prairies can be in winter, paying a brief visit to my brother and sister-in-law, teaching my weekly writing class, marking papers for that class, drinking a good deal of wine with previously mentioned house guest, and attending a board dinner to say a proper good-bye to the board members of the organization I left a couple of months ago. So much goodness in just a few short days.

Here are some of the random wisdom bits I’ve been reminded of these past days:

1. Feminine wisdom is not the exclusive property of women. My friend Randy has it in spades.

2. Drinking wine in the evening with a dear friend can be a good, good thing.

3. Having a husband who doesn’t get jealous when you spend two days in the company of a beloved male friend can also be a good, good thing.

4. The flattest, baldest, snow-covered prairie landscape can hold a lot of beauty when your eyes are open to it.

5. Even a short visit with special family members can remind you just how much they mean to you.

6. Someone suffering through the ravages of her second round of chemotherapy can still offer amazing gifts of hospitality and joy.

7. Shared laughter may very well be one of the greatest riches a person can find.

8. Hearing board members say, with genuine respect, that you had a significant impact and you are missed can feel very affirming.

9. When you go for a run after missing a few days, the ache, adrenalin, and meditative mind space can feel like the return of dear departed friends.

10. Visiting tourists attractions in your city when the elements have chased everyone else away can transform them with eery, peaceful beauty.

11. Sometimes the goodness of life can be defined by very simple things: a good friend or two, lots of opportunity for laughter, a healthy body, beauty in simple things, kindness, and an occasional glass of wine (or two).

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