When I first started down the path that lead me to Sophia Leadership, I started searching for other people online who were writing about feminine wisdom. Julie Daley is one of the first people whose writing drew me in. It didn’t just draw me in, it wrapped itself around me like a warm quilt that made me feel like I’d come home after a long and lonely voyage at sea. Julie is wise and beautiful and one of the most gracious and kind people I’ve met online. She exudes that grace on this video.

I could have talked to Julie for hours, and to tell you the truth, we’re already considering a follow-up interview. In this video, she shares a couple of heart-wrenching stories of when the ground was  swept out from under her feet. In future installations, she’ll share more about the times she’s chosen to let go of the ground.

Once again, Julie shared much more wisdom than is on this video. That will be available once my e-course emerges. For more on that (and a collection of all of the story-sharing videos in one place) visit my e-course preview.

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