One of the things I love about the process of doing interviews for this series is the great variety of stories that are emerging. Today’s story is quite different from the last one, and yet in each one there is great wisdom to be gleaned.

When I first started dreaming about leaving my job for self-employment, I picked up the book Making a Living Without a Job and I was hooked. It was the perfect thing to fuel my dream. I also started following its author, Barbara Winter, on Twitter and soon learned that she is one of the most warm and genuine people you could ever meet. When I finally left that job, I think Barbara was the first person to cheer me on, and she has been a consistent cheerleader and supporter since. Some day, I want to curl up on a couch with her and enjoy a cup of tea together.

In this video, Barbara shares her personal story of making the leap from “safe” employment to the relatively shaky ground of self-employment. (Once again, the longer video – full of all kinds of wisdom and advice – will be available once I release my e-course.)

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