Yesterday I launched my series “Let go of the ground & taste the sky” about learning to surrender the way a caterpillar surrenders to the chrysalis in order to step fully into the butterfly she’s meant to be. I shared one of my stories, and now I’m busy gathering stories of other people who’ve learned to let go of the ground.

Today I’m very excited to introduce you to my first guest. Jen Louden is one of my favourite people to hang out with on Twitter. She is genuine, friendly, optimistic and committed to making the world a better place. She has written six books and has taught all over the world. She has recently launched a brand new experiment called “Savour & Serve”, which I LOVE. I’m also (as I’ve mentioned a few times) a huge fan of Teach Now, the online workshop she teaches together with Michele Lisenbury Christensen. The first call of Teach Now is on Thursday (and it’s FREE!), and if you haven’t signed up for it yet, I’d highly recommend it.

I had a delightful conversation with Jen yesterday. Here’s a part of that conversation. I’m saving the rest of it for the special offering (e-course, or whatever I end up calling it) in which I’ll be inviting people to join me as we learn to let go of the ground together. (If you want to get the details on that, add your email to the box on the right – and download my free e-book while you’re at it. I’ll be sharing the information with my email list first.)

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