I can’t remember exactly when I discovered Cath Duncan online, but I do remember that I felt almost immediately drawn in by her warmth and willingness to put herself out there in a genuine way. Cath is a qualified and experienced Social Worker, Neuro-linguistic Psychology Master Practitioner and Martha Beck Life Coach who helps entrepreneurs and professionals to get more of the 4 M’s in their work and beyond; Motivation, Mastery, Meaning and Money.

This past year, I’ve felt even more drawn to Cath as she shared parts of her journey through pregnancy and then the loss of her baby girl. I had a wonderful conversation with Cath for this interview as she talks about that journey and how she’s still learning lessons about letting go of the ground. She shares deeply about both brokenness and hope. And if you occasionally see a look of pain cross my face, it’s because the conversation brought back strong memories of my own loss.

I look forward to sharing the rest of this incredible conversation with the release of “Let go of the Ground – the e-course.”

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