Amy Oscar is one of those people who exudes wisdom and depth, even when her words are limited to 140 characters on Twitter. I haven’t known her very long, but I have already learned from her, been challenged by her, and been encouraged by her many times. Recently I participated in Amy’s Wisdom Series, and I would highly recommend that you read every single one of the contributions because they are all amazing. My own contribution is here.

Amy is an author, speaker and professional intuitive consultant, encouraging clients and students to develop a personal relationship with the Divine. In this interview, she shares a personal story of when she had to make a difficult choice to give up a dream in order to support her family.

Once again, the interview was longer than this, and she had so much wisdom to share, but the rest of it is being saved for when I release Let go of the Ground, the e-basket of goodies for your transformation journey.

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