1. Ignore the fact that there is laundry to do.

2. Grab your camera and a journal. (And sunscreen and a bottle of water if necessary.)

3. Wander down the street.

4. Get totally distracted by the fascinating paint strokes of the clouds against the sky. Imagine the Creator having fun with a paintbrush.

5. Stop to stare at some flowers.

6. Stare a little closer at the flowers, and notice that there’s a spider on one of them.

7. Take the road less traveled.

8. Stare at more flowers. Be thankful for the people who had the vision to protect this piece of nature despite the development all around it.

9. Get even further off the beaten trail.

10. Be utterly amazed when you find a deer staring at you. Stop to stare back. Get lost in its eyes for a long, long time.

11. Follow the deer into the meadow, and stare in awe at the beautiful shape of her body.

12. Leave the woods and step into the prairies. Marvel at the depth of the colours all around you.

13. Walk a little further and notice even more colours, shades, and hues.

14. Follow a butterfly around for awhile and try to capture it in flight. Give up and simple watch in awe.

15. Notice how stunning the wild grasses look against the blue, blue sky.

16. Stop to look a little closer, and notice a bug on one of them.

17. Stop by a stream and marvel at the way the light and shadow play with the reflections on the water.

18. Stare at a wooden fence for awhile and imagine yourself setting up an easel in that very spot to paint what you see.

19. Get captivated by the artful way in which plants dry up and release their seeds.

20. Stare at foxtails for awhile and remember the fun you had with them on the farm when you were a kid.

21. Find a bench in the shade, put down your camera, and just stare at the beauty all around you. Pick up your journal if you want to, or just stare. Give yourself over to the moment.

22. Say a little prayer of gratitude to the Creator of all that you have seen.

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