1. The lacy pattern the sun is painting on the wall right now, aided by the tree outside my window.

2. The eclectic, chaotic Christmas tree decorated by my daughters with the ornaments they have hand-picked each year from the local fair trade store.

3. The miles of prairie roads that held hours of conversation between my friend Randy and I as we drove out of the city to explore.

4. Having a friend like Randy whose eyes light up over many of the same things that make my eyes light up – a good bookstore, books that deepen our spirituality and mindfulness, any opportunity to wander to a place we haven’t seen before, a glass of wine in the evening, deep conversation, art, etc.

5. A husband who loves to cook delicious food when friend visit.

6. More opportunities to teach than I expected would come my way when I started this journey a year ago.

7. The way creativity is showing up in unique ways in each of my children.

8. A day of Christmas baking with my mom, sister, niece, nephew, and daughters. And all of the tasty eating I’ve done since.

9. New ideas that keep popping up and inspiring me.

10. Partnerships with talented and wholehearted people that will result in some wonderful offerings in 2012.

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