A Soulful Year

A Soulful Year is a mandala workbook for ending one year and welcoming another.

The transition from one year to the next is often a time for New Year’s resolutions and business or personal planning. With all of the resolve we can muster, we make good plans and set great goals. A few months later, we’re left with little more than guilt over the promises we made and never kept and the plans we neglected to follow through on.

Those plans and resolutions fail because they are based on our internal pressure to improve ourselves, get more done, be a better person, etc.. They emerge out of our failures and feelings of unworthiness rather than out of our gifts, our best selves, and our hearts’ desires.

A Soulful Year - mock coverWhat if you were offered a deeply soulful practice that could help you make the transition from one year to the next with grace, openness, and honesty?

What if your planning emerged out of your strength and your soul’s desire rather than out of your weakness and lack of self-worth?

A Soulful Year (available in downloadable pdf) is a simple set of practices (based on my work in Mandala Discovery) that allows you to release the year that is ending and receive the year that is arriving. It’s an intuitive, heart-based process that guides you in the direction of your calling rather than making you feel guilty for all that you should be doing.

  • Instead of setting yourself up for failure, you’ll be opening yourself to possibility.
  • Instead of creating conditions for guilt and shame, you’ll be creating conditions for grace and growth.
  • Instead of trying to fit your planning into unnatural square boxes, you’ll be thinking outside the box with mandalas and labyrinths.
  • Instead of putting pressure on yourself to prove your worth, you’ll be stepping into that which gives you delight and courage.

“Oh, Heather. I’m in love with the Soulful Year workbook. Just freakin’ in love with it. Thank you. You’ve blown my mismatched socks right off my feet!.”          – Lana Phillips

Like The Spiral Path before it, A Soulful Year uses the three stages of a labyrinth walk as its framework. First there is the release, when you walk into the labyrinth, where you let go of any of the baggage you were carrying this past year. Then you step into the centre of the labyrinth where you prepare yourself to receive whatever wisdom, strength, courage, etc. is already within you but has been hiding under your layers of fear and lack of worthiness. Finally you return from the centre, bringing with you whatever gifts you receive in order to share them with whomever you’re called to serve.

A Soulful Year will offer clear guidelines for the following practices:

  • an organic action plan for your hear

    an organic action plan for your year

    A mandala practice that helps you reflect on, celebrate, grieve, and release the year that is ending. Whether it was an exceptionally good year, a terrifyingly bad year, or somewhere in between, you’ll have a chance to process whatever it was and then send it on its way.

  • A mandala practice that helps you honour the cycle of the seasons and reflect on what you want to invite into each season.
  • A mandala practice that helps you identify your longings and what you most want to receivein the coming year. This practice will also offer you a word for the coming year – something that will narrow the focus of your intentions.
  • A mandala practice that helps you respond to those longings with clear intentions for how you want to live in the coming year.
  • A mandala practice that helps you lay out an organic action plan for your year that emerges out of your longings and gifts and is flexible and adaptable to fit whatever needs to unfold.
  • A monthly mandala practice for each of the months of the coming year that will help you create balance and intention in the month.

A Soulful Year is for you if you:

  • want to live more intentionally with courage, strength, integrity, and trust.
  • grow your work/practice in the world, whether that involves your own business, your non-profit work, your volunteer work, your relationships, etc.
  • want to learn how to use mandala journaling as a practice for intention-setting and planning.
  • want to find a practice that helps you silence the voices of resistance so that you can hear the voice of your heart.

A few years ago, I invited a small circle of friends to join me at the centre of the labyrinth at midnight on New Year’s Eve. This workbook is the virtual (and expanded) equivalent of that experience.

“Taking part in Heather’s online retreat A Soulful Year gave me time to pause and think about my intentions for the next phase of my life.  Where am I going and how The work encouraged a conscious commitment to the future and a release from the fears that bind us to our ‘old stories’.

“Heather hosts a generous space for sharing in which she herself participates.  Through opening up her own life experiences for learning while respectfully learning herself from the stories and insights of the participants a space for growth and healing is created.  It is so rare to find a facilitator who does not set themselves up as the expert, who is not greedy (either materialistically or spiritually) and who genuinely delights in a shared journey.  I would never have thought it were possible to achieve a space on line that had richness and depth but Heather’s approach of simplicity and respect overcomes the barriers of the virtual world to reveal a more authentic reality in the hearts and lives of her retreatants.  I await with joy more online retreats like this!  – Helena del Pino, yoga therapist and Church of England Ordinand

There are two ways to participate in A Soulful Year.

  1. WORKBOOK: You can purchase the workbook (in downloadable printable pdf format) on its own for $15 and work through it on your own. You can also purchase multiple downloads for $28 (to share a copy with a friend or two. (If you wish to share with more than 5 people, please notify me for a group price.)
  2. WORKBOOK + PERSONAL PLANNING DAY (Very limited availability): You can purchase the workbook and set up a one-day planning session that involves one-on-one coaching with me (via Skype, Zoom, or phone) throughout the day for $250. This planning day will include:
    • A coaching session in the morning, where we’ll explore what you are working on, what blocks might be in your way, and what you’re feeling called into. Then we’ll set intentions for your day of planning and you’ll go off-line to work through some of the mandala exercises in the workbook.
    • A check-in at lunchtime to talk about what progress you’ve made, what resistance might be showing up, etc.
    • A final check-in and coaching session at the end of your planning day to explore what has emerged throughout the day and talk about how you will implement the plan and what work you need to do to shape your year organically and with intention.
    • Note: The timing of the personal planning day will be decided once we compare schedules.
  3. WORKBOOK + ONLINE RETREAT DAY (limited availability): Join a small group on Zoom (a simple and free videoconference platform) for a planning day, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. central. There are two options for retreat dates: Thursday, December 15, 2016 and Saturday, January 14, 2017. For $125, you’ll get:
    • A pdf copy of the workbook.
    • A group coaching session in the morning, where we’ll gather to talk about what our intentions are, what we’re releasing from 2016 and how we want the planning day to unfold. Then we’ll go offline to work on some of the exercises from the workbook.
    • A check-in at lunchtime to talk about what’s coming up and what resistance there may be. Then we’ll go offline to work on more of the exercises.
    • A final check-in and group coaching conversation at the end of the planning day to explore what has emerged throughout the day and how you will carry this forward into the coming year.

” My experience using Heather’s Soulful Year workbook made my Advent a deeper experience. I am already finding my coming year portends an early spring.  Or, a rose in winter.  In addition to my own planning, I led a mixed-age group of adults in contemplating the Circles of Advent. Based on Heather’s release labyrinth, and mandala journal practices of longing, of seasons, and of what’s blooming; ways opened for me and for people in our Advent Circles which caused us all to have epiphanies.”
– Kathryn Johnson Cameron

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